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    02 Oct

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    So, the question of whether one can drive while using pain medicines, I would immediately ask about sedating types of medicines, such as opiods and in that category of drugs such as hydrocodone, oxycodone, the brand names are Vicodin, Percocet, as an example. And though the medications. Can I take Vicodin after my wisdom teeth removal? How long until it's safe to drive after drinking too much? Approximately how long after taking acetaminophen is it safe to drink alcohol?

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    So my main question: I've been driving to work in morning, taking pill about 8AM then at lunch at 12, then driving home at 5PM and taking pill at 6PM at home. Is it safe to drive after 4 hours? Or is there a half life on it where I shouldn't be driving for several days? And does the medicine's effect wear off or not. It depends greatly on how the medication affects you. I take Vicodin daily and drive a car/ride a motorcycle. I have taken Vicodin long enough that I know how it affects me, though. If you do not know how it will affect you, I would suggest you not take the chance in driving. Remember, you can be arrested forĀ  can i drive while on hydrocodone (vicodin/norco)?

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