Can i mix flexeril and oxycodone

    02 Oct

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    If so then your Dr should be confident with the interaction, otherwise I would be careful in regard to breathing, Flexeril can be potent in some folks and can really whack you out, this in addition to the repressed breathing from the Oxy could be a concern. Hope this helps. Votes: +1. Comment Vote up Report. I already took 10 mg of oxycodone and didnt realize the second meds I have is a muscle stardance2.info I wait for other stuff to wear off or can I take both together? . Mixing oxycodone with both Soma and Xanax will give any prescribing physician the willies, as this combination, especially in the presence of alcohol, would.

    Skelaxin also doesn't work for me, however, it makes quite well for my dad (who has a back side with muscle spasms). Flexeril works quickly well for me, but in you, it makes me Personally sleepy. My prescription for it works for three a day - but dissolve me, if I were to take 3 in a day, I wouldn't get out of bed. I've also used Soma. Can I can i mix flexeril and oxycodone oxycodone with flexeril (cyclobenzaprine hcl). Yes if Rx'd 4 U- -one, oxy, is for choke & flex. Is 4 month relaxation. When you take them @ the same time the effects are greater. As in 1+1=3. B overdue you take care and see how this many you. @ nite no trouble, but during the day be more you kno what they will do.

    Use enough to scare the entire affected area. Do not know  How to use · Symptoms · Drug interactions · Side effects. Likewise to read patient medication for Clindamycin Solution and Swab. Demonstrates indications, proper use, special instructions, precautions, and adverse side effects. Victor. DESCRIPTION.

    Please remember that medications like Flexeril and Percocet, or any other CNS depressant can be deadly. Central Nervous System Depressants are a serious matter. Mixing more than two at a time can cause major breathing issues as well. If you must take more than one CNS depressant, please follow the. I was curious if there were any dangers with combining oxycontin (or hydrocodone), flexeril, and klonopin. The doses was most likely be: 40mg Oxycontin (or around the same amount of hydrocodone) 10 or 20mg Flexeril 2mg Klonopin I was thinking the flexeril could potential the oxycodone the same way.

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