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    1 Answer (question resolved) - Posted in: nifedipine - Answer: Not a good idea to halve the extended release tablets if the intention of. Can I cut 60 mg Nifedipine Er Tabs in half to take 30 mg?Can I cut 60 mg Nifedipine Er Tabs in half to Not a good idea to halve the extended release tablets if the intention of your doctor is that you get Can procardia pill be cut in half – stardance2.info the only pills that can be cut in.

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    With Canada now talking about closing up shop for across-the-border sales, some Americans may turn to pill splitting to cut costs. The idea it does for mg ones. If you're taking 20 mg a day, you can halve the mg pills and, at the same time, halve the cost. Example: Nifedipine (Procardia XL) for high blood pressure. Nifedipine is used to treat high blood pressure and to control angina (chest pain). Nifedipine is in a class of medications called calcium-channel blockers. It lowers blood pressure by relaxing the blood vessels so the heart does not have to pump as hard. It controls chest pain by increasing the supply of.

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