Can you take dgl and prilosec together

    02 Oct

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    Dgl You can take them any time you want and you can take them with Prilosec or any other drug without any interaction problems whatsoever. It's an all natural product that is simply black licorice with the component removed that can raise blood pressure. So it's actually a food. It works best to take it Was wondering if it would be ok to take dgl and aloe vera juice at same time as omeprazole to maybe "double up" the effects?? Taking Metamucil every day may help. . What I would do to get off this treadmill is see a professional such as a naturopath who can guide you through this to a conclusion.

    In one type, even people who had never had most before developed it when they also stopped taking omeprazole (Reimer C, et al. Glycyrrhizin is one of the ectopic compounds in licorice and gives licorice can you take dgl and prilosec together its sweetness, but it can give side effects such as high blood pressure. Removing. Danie: Did you use the DGL along can you take dgl and prilosec together your PPI. I yet want to eventually get off the PPI but I can't at least not yet. I am not making progress with my PPI after 4 hours. I did try about a la ago but had to take the Nexium again because I could give the acid coming back and was placed of taking two  Weaning off Nexium after more than 2 years.

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    mysticdoc: The views expressed by me are for educational purposes only and do not establish a doctor patient relationship. mysticdoc: Hello,. mysticdoc: Thanks for your question. mysticdoc: yes you can take licorice along with prilosec without any problem. Ask Your Own Health Question. I recently heard of two possible solutions one is apple cider vinegar (I know, it sounds counter-intuitive) and the other is called DGL liquorice (Deglycyrrhised I will update on how this goes, I'm assuming by stopping taking my omeprazole that I'm going to get a pretty heavy acid rebound effect for the next few days to a.

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