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    02 Oct

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    I have heard that it takes 3-days without taking Vicodin for a UA to come back clean. Does anyone know if this is true? And, would appreciate it if someone could explain in some detail the way it goes through the system and filters out. Would drinking a lot of water help the Vicodin to clear the body faster? The narcotic in Vicodin is hydrocodone. How long it will show up in a drug screening depends on several variables, how long you've been taking the med and when you last took the 10 mgs of hydrocodone. As your question did not have a lot of information in it as to if you had a script or not, if you did it.

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    Hydrocodone (vicodin) does not break down into morphine so it won't show up on a standard test. However, it is possible (though not normal) to specifically test for hydrocodone. These tests will only detect it in urine for days. I hope this helps. Also, if you are taking this drug for recreational use, I highly. Factors that Affect How Long Vicodin Stays in Your System. Testing date – The longer you wait to be tested, the lower the chances are Vicodin will show up. Dosage – The amount of Vicodin take will add up. People who use Vicodin sparingly will have a small amount of hydrocodone in their system, while.

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