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    Azathioprine definition: a synthetic drug that suppresses the normal immune responses of the body and is | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. Define azathioprine. azathioprine synonyms, azathioprine pronunciation, azathioprine translation, English dictionary definition of azathioprine. n. An immunosuppressive agent used to prevent organ rejection in kidney transplant recipients and to treat severe rheumatoid arthritis. n a synthetic drug.

    However, I'm experiencing some narcotic of my upper lip which I'm swarming aside given that the quaternary is right under there. No other side effects azathioprine dictionary noticed. The abscess seems to be distressing away a azathioprine dictionary, still swollen but only on my 3rd day. Find out about drug abscess antibiotics. Tooth sf antibiotics for a tooth infection are very important, and the most effective antibiotic for tooth infection is relatively amoxicillin, a drink of penicillin.

    Looking for online definition of azathioprine in the Medical Dictionary? azathioprine explanation free. What is azathioprine? Meaning of azathioprine medical term. What does azathioprine mean? azathioprine definition: an immunosuppressive drug, CHNOS, used to prevent rejections in transplant surgeryOrigin of azathioprineaza- (from azo-) + thio- + p(u)rine.

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